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About LTM and Our Mission

The Black community has experienced a rise in stress, fear, and desensitization because of the traumatizing effects of constant exposure to police brutality and discrimination toward the Black people. The presence of stressors was increased during the COVID-19 pandemic and the BLM events of 2020.  When the decline in mental wellness in the Black community is brought up, it is unfortunately seen as taboo. It is not addressed within Black families and causes an individual to be viewed unfavorably by loved ones. Oftentimes, “discussing with a close friend” is not enough because the individual does not want to be a burden upon friends and family or friends and family are not there to speak about issues. During today’s social and political climate, it is excessively necessary to destigmatize mental health in the Black and African American communities by offering a wealth of diverse and culturally conscious resources to the Black communities.

Supportive Friend
A Supportive Hug

Our Plan of Action

​LTM aims to eventually facilitate community sessions, create a database of Black mental health and mindfulness resources, and be the bridge between those resources and Black students. To extrapolate the necessity of specific resources, we have been conducting outreach with representatives of the Black undergraduate student organizations among a variety of campuses. 

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