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Link to Mindfulness Welcomes You

Therapy Session

What is Link to Mindfulness?

Link to Mindfulness is an initiative dedicates to connecting Black mental health professionals and resources to the Black community, such that they can access viable and effective mental health services and holistic well-being resources that are currently lacking on college campuses.

Psychologist Session

Who are we?

Link to Mindfulness is led by a team of undergraduate students of color, many of whom identify as Black and/or members of the African diaspora.

A Supportive Hug

What do we do?

Link to Mindfulness intends to hold panels and workshops geared towards educating students who are interested in learning new techniques to kickstart their healing journey and expanding their view of personal wellness in general. Due to the rise of the current climate and persistent inequities in our country, our initiative is focusing on the needs of the Black community. Our aim is to provide accessible and culturally conscious resources to promote their mental health journey.

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